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I began writing this book a long time ago; more than 20 years, to be exact. Committing it to paper started about three years ago - on the heels of a 10 year depression.
I won't get into the many and sorted details or ins and outs of the experiences during that time, except for that I was functional, barely.
What I wanted the book to be, it was not; however, it was an accomplishment. As stated in the preface it's not a complete or precise
compendium of my majik. but it is solid.

The Front Matter
Table of Contents

Foreword by Mizdimma DeSade
That's Mizdimma (Jason)...always giving me that loving support. If not for him, I probably wouldn't get anything done at all. Hell, if not for him,
I may not even be here at all.

I'd like to think that I am the book. There's only so much you can put into print; only so much you can explain or actualize into pixels. I explain best in person,
and even though I feel that I am a pretty good writer, there is much to be lost in the process from physical presence to mere words, but I tried.

I am not embarassed of the work - far from it. I look at it as a huge testimonial to my drive, passion and creativity, not to mention a huge middle finger to
my depression and to those who have sought long and hard to keep me from accomplishing anything - especially this work.

I did have the book up for sale as a PDF back in 2020 and so I thought I would just go ahead and upload the PDF to the website here, but the upload keeps timing out,
and running error messages. After 3 tries and many hours of waiting, I decided that this too was an outward sign for me to re-evaluate, add to or at the
very least, discuss just exactly what is in there and why. This is an opportunity to simplify (adding each page graphic, one by one) through a more active
participation on my part: filling in the blanks and personally guiding you through it.
Let's start with the preface, shall we?
Preface page 1
Preface page 2

The preface explains well the visual that I was trying to convey; that my majik isn't the pretty little metaphysical store variety. It is very dirty,
in the respect that I'm always outside, in the forest and using my hands. I spent a lot of time tearing things apart - mainly me - to see what and why.
We have cats; quite a few actually, and for the past few years have lived in my parents basement, where it has given me time to personally heal through a process of CBT
(cognitive behavioral therapy), Skyrim (I play a khajiit), many and varied art projects, writing, a renewed sense of self care, therapy, and having valuable time to plan
and build a future. It has also given me time to forgive the past, curse what and who have intentionally done me wrong and to help my aging parents
during some very difficult times.

I'm really the no bullshit type, and as far as covering myself under a facade of glitter and blowing fairy dust up your ass in an attempt to make myself look
steady, balanced and together in your eyes, well, that's just not going to happen. Perhaps that's part of the problem. People want to believe in fairytales, and not the
real ones either. They want to be enchanted. They want to be charmed by the mystical. They want the pretty boon and the clean fairy godmother type magic.
Albeit real fairytales, especially those of the Grimm variety, are anything by pretty. They tell of the hard times, the darkly superstitions and the real fears and
in some respects - actions, of medieval country life. They tell of the isolation, the wild animals, the vengeance of those cast away and done wrong and sometimes, the
endings turn out ok. More often than not, the characters that do come away do not do so unscathed. They're transformed by their experiences.

This is a book of my own Enchantment. This is my dark fairytale.

The dedication. This one hurt...a lot. See, Sean was my best friend. He was the first person who showed me that I was valuable and what true love and friendship meant.
We met on the playground of pain and watched our own personal traumas play together in the sandbox. Maybe some time in the future - with time, heart and head willing, I will
write that story. A story of Goth and Grunge 90's magic, curses, drugs and a Juilet with a gay Romeo. We'll call it "Come As You Are"...maybe.
Dedication page 1
Dedication page 2

Chapter 1: What is "Veshigi"?
The first chapter is 25 pages. 22 are the written work, and 3 of them are photo pages with a few explanations.
I thought it best to outline how I describe myself as "veshigi", what the term means, and how it came to be. I also outline the various common practices that I,
and others of our tradition, do a few things. As specified, you do not have to be of the tradition to employ these things, but our associations to these things is
rather specific to the tradition. I also mention a book in the works called "Blood Witch". I have since changed the name to "The Vesh Hekati", which will be
a broader perspective of the work and as of yet, has not been finished.
I touch on genealogy and why we find it important, a few stories about my family, as well as examples of what some consider to be signs or "omens",
our connection within nature, a few words about deity, honoring the dead and employing them in our majik, forestcraefting, various paths of comparison,
how we work with the changing of seasons, how words have power and an explanation of our creed.
Ch. 1 Pg. 1
Ch. 1 Pg. 2
Ch. 1 Pg. 3
Ch. 1 Pg. 4
Ch. 1 Pg. 5
Ch. 1 Pg. 6
Ch. 1 Pg. 7
Ch. 1 Pg. 8
Ch. 1 Pg. 9
Ch. 1 Pg. 10
Ch. 1 Pg. 11
Ch. 1 Pg. 12
Taxidermy Talismans 1-12a
Taxidermy Talismans 1-12b
Taxidermy Talismans 1-12c
Ch. 1 Pg. 13
Ch. 1 Pg. 14
Ch. 1 Pg. 15
Ch. 1 Pg. 16
Ch. 1 Pg. 17
Ch. 1 Pg. 18
Ch. 1 Pg. 19
Ch. 1 Pg. 20
Ch. 1 Pg. 21
Ch. 1 Pg. 22

Chapter 2: Who Are the Ancestors?
In this chapter, I talk about what our perception of the "ancestors" are. I also discuss "true value", which is the importance we place on the experiences,
people, places and things in our life. I also talk about what "heart words" mean in the Veshigi tradition, as well as the art of forestcraeft,
and how we employ conservation and agency when working within our environment.
I also tell a story about my "dueling Gramas", and how their personal perceptions and values affected me as a child and subsequently, my future.
Ch. 2 Pg. 1
Ch. 2 Pg. 2
Ch. 2 Pg. 3
Ch. 2 Pg. 4
Ch. 2 Pg. 5
Ch. 2 Pg. 6
Ch. 2 Pg. 7
Ch. 2 Pg. 8
Ch. 2 Pg. 9
Ch. 2 Pg.10
Ch. 2 Pg. 11
Ch. 2 Pg. 12
Ch. 2 Pg. 13
Ch. 2 Pg. 14
Ch. 2 Pg. 15
Ch. 2 Pg. 16

Chapter 3: Windows Are the Eyes to the Soul
In this chapter I discuss how to better protect yourself and your work from prying eyes, as well as gridworks, egregores, enhancements and majikal triggers.
Ch. 3 Pg. 1
Ch. 3 Pg. 2
Ch. 3 Pg. 3
Ch. 3 Pg. 4
Ch. 3 Pg. 5
Ch. 3 Pg. 6
Ch. 3 Pg. 7
Ch. 3 Pg. 8
Ch. 3 Pg. 9
Ch. 3 Pg. 10
Ch. 3 Pg. 11
Ch. 3 Pg. 12
Ch. 3 Pg. 13

Chapter 4: Family Trees
Ch. 4 Pg. 1
Ch. 4 Pg. 2
Ch. 4 Pg. 3
Ch. 4 Pg. 4
Ch. 4 Pg. 5

Chapter 5: Working with the Ancestors
A basic understanding of genealogy, ancestral & bloodwork within the Veshigi tradition.
Effigies and taxidermy, on creating forest bags and journals, and a few words on nature entities.
Ch. 5 Pg. 1
Ch. 5 Pg. 2
Ch. 5 Pg. 3
Ch. 5 Pg. 4
Ch. 5 Pg. 5
Ch. 5 Pg. 6
Ch. 5 Pg. 7
Ch. 5 Pg. 8
Ch. 5 Pg. 9
Ch. 5 Pg. 10
Ch. 5 Pg. 11
Ch. 5 Pg. 12
Ch. 5 Pg. 13
Ch. 5 Pg. 14
Ch. 5 Pg. 15
Ch. 5 Pg. 16
Ch. 5 Pg. 17
Ch. 5 Pg. 18
Ch. 5 Pg. 19

Chapter 6: Journaling
How to create a forest and wildlife journal.
Ch. 6 Pg. 1
Ch. 6 Pg. 2
Ch. 6 Pg. 3
Ch. 6 Pg. 4
Ch. 6 Pg. 5
Ch. 6 Pg. 6

Chapter 7: Grimoires, Words & Patterns
The act of creating a grimoire, along with a few notes on majikal words, sigils and patterns.
Ch. 7 Pg. 1
Ch. 7 Pg. 2
Ch. 7 Pg. 3
Ch. 7 Pg. 4
Ch. 7 Pg. 5
Ch. 7 Pg. 6
Ch. 7 Pg. 7
Ch. 7 Pg. 8

Chapter 8: Preserving & Canning
Supplies & a few recipes.
Ch. 8 Pg. 1
Ch. 8 Pg. 2
Ch. 8 Pg. 3
Ch. 8 Pg. 4
Ch. 8 Pg. 5
Ch. 8 Pg. 6
Ch. 8 Pg. 7

Chapter 9: Ancestor Majik
Blood candles, ancestor dolls and summoning circles.
Ch. 9 Pg. 1
Ch. 9 Pg. 2
Ch. 9 Pg. 3
Ch. 9 Pg. 4
Ch. 9 Pg. 5
Ch. 9 Pg. 6
Ch. 9 Pg. 7

Chapter 10: Talismanic & Spellworking Crafts
Herbal stuffed skulls, talismanic garlands and articulated dolls.
Ch. 10 Pg. 1
Ch. 10 Pg. 2
Ch. 10 Pg. 3
Ch. 10 Pg. 4
Ch. 10 Pg. 5
Ch. 10 Pg. 6

Chapter 11: Divination
How to create a bag of casting bones, with *Bonus Spirit Board & Mini Forest Oracle Cards.
Ch. 11 Pg. 1
Ch. 11 Pg. 2
Ch. 11 Pg. 3
Ch. 11 Pg. 4
Ch. 11 Pg. 5
Ch. 11 Pg. 6
Ch. 11 Pg. 7
Ch. 11 Pg. 8
Ch. 11 Pg. 9
Ch. 11 Pg. 10
Ch. 11 Pg. 11

Chapter 12: Notes
A page of lined paper for notes. Note taking or questions, placed within it's own chapter section.
There was no sense in adding multiples, as all of the ones in the book are just this one on repeat. :)
Printable note paper

A few words by me about my feelings during the time of the writing of this book.
Afterword page 1
Afterword page 2
Afterword page 3

About Me
About the Author

Stuff I've done or was working on at the time...
Other Works

Book Covers
Front and back covers for those who want to print this book out in it's entirety.
Front Cover
Back Cover

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